Monday, March 8, 2010

Home coming of a french lady

I am Miss Gay Clotilde, 34, also called Ma Nithya Chandrananda in Sanskrit- which is the spiritual name my Master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, gave me in 2006. I came to the ashram for the first time in august 2005, and was instantly touched by the serenity of the place, the friendliness and genuine wisdom of the ashramites I met.

I decided to join it in august 2006, to become volunteer of Swamiji’s Mission, to practice my Master’s teachings, to translate his teachings into my native language (french), and to learn and teach yoga , which I’ve been doing till date. Having a background in the social field, I have decided to contribute to Western societies by sharing vedic knowledge and spiritual techniques which are acclaimed in Europe because of their well-known effects and the well-being and strength they provide to all.

I decided to take Bramacharya training in 2006 and I’m following it without difficulty till date. I want to add that nobody forced me to this decision; I am completely responsible for my actions and decisions, and I’m sharing my experience here out of integrity to the Truth.

I can declare out loud today: I HAVE NEVER FACED ANY HARASSMENT OF ANY KIND FROM PARAMAHAMSA NITHYANANDA. I have never come across a single person complaining about any of the allegations held against Him today, and I have never seen anything neither obscene, illegal nor hidden, in Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s body language and any girl or boy in His surroundings.

I deeply love my ashram which is a sacred place where people harbor a sacred attitude towards each other. Such a declaration may be manipulated, defamed, or laughed at by others, but it is a fact to me. The whole Dhyanapeetam Sangha should have the right and discretion to live its lifestyle without being judged, or being falsely and illegally exposed, as it is the case today.

I have seen over time how my Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda has complete grasp of the spiritual subject as expounded in genuine ancient texts and books. He has fully imbibed these Truths in his daily life. His actions and speech are expressing it in His day-to-day behavior. He is even able to convey the spiritual Truths to all around Him without a word. This is my experience. I have seen Him handling all types of mental set-up which come to Him, leading aspirants on the path from where they stand; with utmost compassion, care, generosity, fairness and altruism. He can relate the vedic scriptural truths to any faith or religion and emphasize on these universal Truths without hurting religious feelings of western seekers as well.

He is an enlightened Master of our times, a Brahma-Jnani or in simple terms: He is having knowledge of God and leads His disciple on the path of ‘Living enlightenment’, constantly reinforcing the Truth that inner bliss is the Master and never failing to His purpose. He clearly has no other motives than sharing His knowledge with utmost respect to all beings that come to Him for guidance.

The devotees I know from all over the world are not disturbed by the on-going propaganda held against Him- we are completely clear about our experience with Swamiji and Swamiji Himself. He has unveiled in us an unshakable, incorruptible and indubitable experience of the Truth and this very fact makes of Him a Being who should be honored with utmost respect and reverence by all.

Let us not forget that over time, great Masters have been persecuted by societies having other motives behind the scene. I invite you to investigate history and draw your own conclusions.

Thank you

Ma Nithya Chandrananda 00590 690 71 18 01

Peaceful Vedic Lifestyle in Ashram

I met Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamy in Kanchepuram in a 2 day workshop called ASP in 2004. The energy and spiritual teachings of my master inspired me to lead a spiritual life as per vedic tradition. I have been to ashram since 2004.

I have never encountered even a small disturbance/disrespect. No one in our ashramites have experienced any troubles. Truly speaking it’s a peaceful and blissful ambiance to anyone who steps in to the ashram.

Life Style in our Ashram resembles the vedic tradition with blissful,peaceful life style which directly benefits physical and mental wellness. The lifestyle overcomes culture,tradition, caste,etc which is encountered in the outer world.This taught me to shower deep compassion towards the world.

The chaos in my family relationship has been solved due to swamiji’s graceful presence in my life. My mother was suffering from severe uterus problem doctors gave date for operation at that time we met paramahamsa Nithyananda swamiji. He healed my mother , four years have passed ,till now no problems have been encountered.

Media reports are just a confusion created to destroy the fame and popularity of my master by Unethical persons. They have done a great mistake by releasing such videos without proper investigation and they have hurt millions of people targeting their religious belief. Many students are deeply wound as it’s a exam period.



Ma Nithya Swathmananda

Swamiji stands for truth

I am an Ashramite since July 2009. I have been in Ashram since then.
Being in Ashram every moment has only helped me grow. It has been an amazing spiritual incubator! So secure! I have never heard anyone facing any issues there. The Ashram is the Best and most beautiful place to live and grow.

The community at Ashram again is the Sangha where we help each other grow. Our daily routine starts of with Yoga, Dhyaana and pooja and the day's activities are directed towards our spiritual growth and at the same time to revive the vedic dharma.

I have felt very connected with the simplicity in the way Swamiji delivers the truths. It is at the level of my being,which feels like as if a child has found its mother after a great search.

And as for the recent developments, I have never felt media as an "always reliable" source for information. I have felt truth is truth and it always triumphs. When I heard about the sex scandal involving Swamiji, there was no disturbance in my inner space. Somehow, i didnt even feel like judging whether it is true or not. I trust my deep experiences that are so clear to me that Swamiji stands for truth.

In Nithyananda
Ma Nithya Atmapriya

No more anger and violence within me

Nithyanandam ,

I am SRIHARI from Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam…… I finished my Computer engg and I initiated by swami on 2007…..

The wonderful teachings of Swamiji take my life to a beautiful path… Actually I am a guy who gets anger at all the times…Always scolding on others or fighting with others was my lifestyle..But after the teachings of Swami Nithyananda I am completely transformed and became a soft and compassionate guy… My mind enters into a new dimensions of life like Acceptance, care etc etc because of swamiji’s teachings…. Really I am very thankful to swamiji…

I came to know about that Swamiji’s scandal video… It’s very funny to hear this news and I have seen the video, I was not affected by that video… I know for sure it’s all fake on swami….Now I am in Bidadi Ashram (Headquarters) only… I am living my regular routine without any disturbances... I am not getting torchered by anybody of the ashramites here…They are taking care of me with lots of love and care… There is no sex torture here….

I am living a safe and blissful life here… I wanted to continue my life here in this beautiful ambience…

Thank U,

In Nithyananda,


Intense Meditative Experience

I am diploma ECE, I came to the ashram in 2008, i was inspired by the life style swami living and his teachings. one time a intense meditative process happened within me and i experience the bliss in full of my inner space and it fill in my whole body. i am thankful to the master.
Today so many wrong things are written and told on swami.i know will change in time. this is the time where we show our strength.
Thank U
In Nithyanandam
Sri Tamil selvan